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News: Antec VP550P 550w @ XSReviews.co.uk

Since HardwareSecrets gave us all a beating on our PSU review practices a few years ago, many -- including ourselves -- have been reduced to doing Previews and Unboxings to keep ourselves honest; we didn't have the equipment to do things properly, so we wern't going to be false about it.The problem with PSU reviews, is that a proper load tester, costs a lot of money; more than this humble review site can afford. What we can do though, is bug companies like BeQuiet to buy some testing kit for us. They didn't get us a Chroma system, but we did get a DS1M12 oscilloscope. That lets us get back in the game somewhat.So here we go folks, XSR's first PSU review since we got whisked away to Cooler Master HQ last year. » externer Link