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You've probably read our reference review on the Radeon HD 7950 already, that card came out nicely. However, and we mentioned it before ... the board partners are free to customize the 7950. And that means custom PCB designs, they can add custom cooling, make custom BIOSes and sure factory overclock. All that is becoming a reality at the launch of the Radeon HD 7950 already. PowerColor is the first in our line-up of R7950 reviews with such a customized model. It is the PCS version that clocks in at a cool 880 MHz on the graphics core with it's memory clocked default at an effective data rate of 5000 MHZ. So for roughly 375~400 EUR you can purchase the product as shown below, definitely cool looking, performing faster at default and yeah, it cools better and more silent as well. Things are looking better and better for the Radeon HD 7950. The Radeon HD 7950, a product offering very good game performance in the current high-end bracket, combined with a great feature set and a frame buffer that will pop your eyes out as this card, just like its big brother, has a grand 3 GB frame buffer. The GPU empowering this graphics card was developed under codename "Tahiti PRO". Let's have a look at this Southern Island family member. Next page where we'll startup the technology overview first. The product reviewed today comes from TUL, the PowerColor R7950 PCS+, armed with 3GB of graphics memory and cool looks. Have a peek before we dive into the review. » externer Link