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However, the best way to play ME3 is the RPG mode. In this mode there are a lot of things you need to take care of such as how you will level up your characters, what armor you will wear and what decisions you will make. This mode as the name implies is the closest that ME3 comes to being a full blown RPG style game. There is also some other additions such as the weight factor. As you carry more weaponry, your weight increases, which can lead to energy recharging at a slower rate, for example. Unlike other games where they slow you down to a crawl if you are over encumbered, ME3 just gives other penalties. This is an interesting change to the series as well. BioWare has also placed weaponry upgrades into the game that you can find throughout the world or craft on the Normandy which allows you to customize your squad even further.

The game itself (the main story) takes around 10 hours to complete if you just blow through the game and ignore all the side missions and options. However, that is not the way to play ME3. ME3 is a game that can be enjoyed over many, many hours with side missions a plenty to complete, characters to romance and an entire universe to explore. You can still look for resources in the galaxy, but instead of having to land and find the resources, or scan planets, you instead send a pulse from the Normandy to try and find debris. If you do this too often, however, you can make yourself stuck in the sector you are in until a mission is complete as the reapers investigate what is going on in that sector. » externer Link