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News: Icy Dock MB971SP-B @ Hi Tech Legion

I guess Mac users can stop gloating about their uber "security"'. It is kind of funny that this Mac virus thing happened recently. I was talking with a co-worker 2 weeks ago about this very subject. He had brought up how his brother wanted to photographer and new nothing about computers. Naturally, my co-worker suggested a Mac computer, even though he is an anti-Mac user. During our conversation, the subject of Mac's security came up and I chuckled and told him the real reason why the Mac could be considered "safe". What it basically boiled down to was that they aren't as important and don't really have the popularity that appeals to the hacking community. If that community wanted to do something to Macs, they could. Now, not 2 weeks later, there is a Mac trojan that hit half a million computers. » externer Link