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News: GSkill RipjawsX 32GB 2133MHz @ Guru3D

When is comes to DDR3 memory modules most of our recommendations always have been this: it's better to get more memory than faster memory the better choice over faster memory. And in that trend memory manufacturers have started to increase the density of DIMM modules. Where 1 and 2GB DIMM modules have been the standard, we now see 4 GB DIMM modules slowly becoming the norm. In the past half year 8GB DIMM modules also got a firm position in the consumer market and with that in mind companies like G.SKILL have been releasing kits in a 16GB dual-channel configuration. It doesn't stop there though, ever since a couple of months we have noticed 32GB memory module kits, which we'll review today. but despite the very high density and HUGE memory volume available, G.Skill made them fast too ... 2133 MHz 32GB dual-channel memory. Yummie ! Next to that, prices caved in completely last year, right now is a very good moment to pick up some extra or new memory as the 32GB kit we test today for example costs (roughly) 375 EUR, that's 11.72 EUR per GB of 2133 MHz memory. I mean two years ago you paid 30 EUR per GB, that's how prices have fallen. Today we'll check out that 32GB low voltage DDR3 kit (4x 8GB) that can be set at 2133 MHz just with the flick of an XMP switch in the BIOS. The end results will be very interesting, our test suite software will be run of the mill, we'll simply take all standard PC configurations and processors and compare this memory seated on a Core i7 2600K / Z68 chipset setup and evaluate it to the baseline performance of other chipsets/processors and their respective reference baseline performance. Mind you that this kit is intended for dual-channel configurations in combo with Z68 or P67, not X79 Quad Channel. Will these dual-channel 8GB DIMMs actually perform, will it be stable, will it be easy configurable ? Sure, heck yeah .. let's have a peek. » externer Link