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News: Apple iPad (2012) with Video @ TweakTown

Where do I begin? On the launch day of Apple's third-generation iPad launch, I ran down to my local retailer and picked up a couple of them. I then did a video unboxing of the device and a few little spiels of how it's changed, etc. But now we have the juicy review, where you'll find out just what I think of the new iPad.

But, I'll stop myself there and explain something first. That's the problem with reviews and technology sites. It's all well and good to pump out a review, but it's just that person's opinion on the device. You can tear it apart, review it from every angle, but at the end of the day - the person, you, has to agree with the reviewer, or disagree, in order to like, again, or dislike, that review. It makes reviewing hard, especially on a device like the iPad, because I cannot first keep everyone happy and secondly, my opinion will differ from everyone else's. » externer Link